9 tips you need to know for a better flight

Do you find that flying is the worst part of your holiday? Arriving at your destination exhausted and wasting your first day recovering. I have found that preparing properly for your flight can make a big difference in how you feel on arrival. Try these 8 tips for your next flight.

Choose Your Seats

If you are travelling with someone, you are probably going to want to sit next to them. It is your responsibility to check the airline seating policy. Some airlines will make you pay to choose your seats in advance of online check-in.

Clean Your Seat Area

Being a bit of a germaphobe, I always like to give my seat area a good clean! This can easily be done by taking some anti-bacterial wipes with you. Remember to do the armrest, tray table, touch screen TV, and seat belt. Basically wipe everything that you can!

Stay Hydrated

I advise taking a refillable water bottle on board with you. This means that you can stay hydrated without constantly asking the flight attendants for water.

Take Headphones

Most airlines will have a seatback entertainment system. However, the complimentary headphones are usually poor quality. I always take my own, this means that I can enjoy what I am listening to. It can also block out other noisy passengers.

Pack Snacks

Aeroplane food is not always the best quality. It can be a good idea to take some snacks on board with you. Try to avoid nuts, you do not want to trigger an allergic reaction for another passenger! Discard any uneaten food before clearing customs, or ensure that you are allowed to bring it into the country with you.

Plan Your Sleep

The chances are that you will be entering a new timezone when you arrive at your destination. Try to plan when you sleep, or if you sleep at all. If you are arriving at your destination in the morning, then it is best to try and get some sleep on board. If you will arrive in the evening, staying awake for the whole flight might be your best option.

Dress For Comfort

Everyone seems to like to dress up for their flight. Sometimes the departure lounge can look like a fashion parade. My advice is to be comfortable. You are going to have to sit for over 10 hours. Wear loose breathable fabrics. Remember to consider the temperature at your destination. Don’t forget that it can get a bit cold on board.

Pack Light Hand Luggage

Most people do not need much on board. Try to keep your hand luggage to a minimum. It will mean that you have less to carry around the airport, and you will be able to fit it into the overhead storage easily.

Have A Separate Essentials Bag

I always take a small fabric bag within my backpack. Anything that I will need during the flight will go into this bag. Things like my water bottle, headphones, snacks, and book. This means that I can store my backpack in the overhead storage for the duration of the flight.

What are your tips for a better flight? Please let me know in the comments below.

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