How To Choose The Right Maldives Resort

The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It combines perfectly for people wanting to do some touring in Sri Lanka. The 1192  islands span across the equator. With over 132 resorts there are many options for your Maldives holiday. With picture-perfect palm-fringed white sand beaches, beautiful blue skies, and crystal clear ocean it is no surprise that it tops most people’s bucket lists for beach holidays. Are you planning a trip to the Maldives? I am sure that you would like to know how to choose the right Maldives resort.


Before looking at resorts, it is important to consider how much you want to spend on the holiday. It is important to have a figure in mind. The following tips should help you get the best option for your budget.


Each resort in the Maldives is on its own island. This means that there are no local shops or restaurants. Food and drinks will likely be very expensive at your resort so it is important that you select the right board option. If you do not eat a lot and are not big drinkers then a Half Board option might suit you best. For those who like 3 meals a day then the Full Board will be the best option. If like me, you enjoy a few drinks when on holiday, then an All-Inclusive package will likely be the best value for money. Most resorts board options will involve a buffet, others will have a la carte options. It is important to check the inclusions before booking. 


The majority of people will fly into Male airport and then transfer by air or sea to their resort. Sea Plane transfers generally cost more, but also give you the opportunity to have an aerial view of the Maldives. You must always ensure that your international flights will work with the timings of domestic flights to your resort. Speed Boat transfers are a great option if you are trying to keep the cost down, leaving more of your budget available for the perfect hotel


Each resort will have a number of different room types ranging from standard hotel rooms to overwater villas. When choosing your room type have a look at a map of the resort. It is a good idea to see how far your room will be from restaurants and other amenities. A map can also indicate what level of privacy you can expect. In many resorts, a beachfront villa will offer more privacy than an overwater villa.


Another important thing to consider is what you can do at the resort. Some resorts will have windsurfing, diving, yoga, boat trips, and snorkelling available. It is important to check if these activities and equipment are included, or if there is an additional cost. If you plan to do a lot of snorkelling or diving then it is essential to see if your resort has a house reef, and how it is accessed. Most resorts will have a gym and a spa, with treatments payable locally. If this will be an important part of your stay it is best to research the facilities before booking.


The Maldives is perfect for couples, especially those celebrating their honeymoon or a wedding anniversary. However it is also a family favourite, so it is important to choose the appropriate resort. Couples should consider an adults-only resort or at least a resort that is not overly family-friendly. Families should consider amenities and activities.

The Maldives is an amazing destination that enjoys good weather almost year-round. It is important to prioritise the most important features that you want from your resort. If you are working to a budget consider that a premium room type at a 4-star resort might be more suitable than a standard room at a 5-star resort.

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